"HALAL Makeup" was virtually non-existent before 2013 and have held a steady interest since. Until a few years ago the beauty products "lawful" for Islam was a niche sector and was certainly not attractive to large industries in the sector. There were only some small companies, concentrated in Muslim-majority countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore (Southeast Asia). However, the volume of the business grew to touch 20 billion in 2014 and is expected to double by 2019, carving out a 6% share of the global cosmetics market.

According to market research based on Google Trends, it is projected that the HALAL makeup market in Saudi Arabia is expected to grow 15% between 2015 and 2020. The Global Islamic Economic Report for 2015-16 estimated total value of the "HALAL" market will reach 7 thousand billion USD by year 2019.

That is where GETTHISS (M) SDN. BHD comes in. Personal Care & Cosmetics products distributed by GETTHISS (M) SDN BHD are free of animal and alcohol contents. We always ensure that our products are free from ingredients such as harsh chemicals, dyes and parabens (preservatives). We only distribute products made with natural sources such as plant seeds and extracts and use only raw (unrefined) ingredients. Our cosmetics products are currently produced in KOREA and JAKIM & ECOCERT Certified.

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